Jodi West

by Score HD on Oct 19, 2011


It's "Bring Your Employee Home For Dinner Night" at the West household, but Jodi West hasn't prepared anything for dinner. What this hot whore has done, however, is dress up her tight, juicy 46-year-old body in a short, revealing red dress (paired with matching fuck-me pumps). "Hi, honey, we're home," Mr. West, Jodi's real-life husband, says. "I brought our newest sales associate Juan with me. Juan has been tearing everything up at work." Juan is about to tear everything up at the West household, too, because when Mr. West decides they oughta eat in tonight, Juan knows exactly what he wants to eat. He can't believe his good fortune. He can't believe he has such a great boss who offers his wife's mouth and slit as part of the bonus plan. Of course, like most bosses, Mr. West doesn't give without making sure he's getting something in return, so before long, Mr. West is eating his wife's slit while this hot whore sucks Juan's dong. And then they're taking turns filling Jodi's MILF mouth and naughty slit. In the end, Juan cums on her face, Mr. West cums in his wife's slit and we get her play with the spunk that's dripping out of her twat. That's our bonus.