Fine ass Amy Reid Will Rock Your World

by BangBus on Sep 6, 2011


AMY REID IN DA HOUSE PPL!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about today's update. We have the sexy Amy Reid ('bout damn time) with us on the BangBus today. We picked her up and started combing the streets for our next victim in this week's Reverse Bang Bus escapade. We ran into this one dude that she just ran up on BUTT ASS NAKED!! LOL! This man just looks shocked by the naked ambush? I would be too. His day definitely got better when Amy dragged his butt back into the bus and gave him the ride of his life. The man was still in shocked and amazed about the whole fuck session. He will never forget this awesome moment in his life. LOL! He didn't disappoint when he did his thing in there and of course Amy rocked his world...STAY TUNED!