Aggressive British Fucker Tags Shyboy

by Bulldog Pit on Nov 24, 2011


Next up, sexy, stubbly fucker Anthony Clarke follows Terry home for a beer & a good hard boning in an empty flat! Tanned & tattooed Anthonys a real aggressive fucker with a body to die for, & doesnt hesitate in whipping out his thick, rock-hard knob & forcing shy boy Terrys gob down on it, fucking his throat hard with his throbbing length, telling Terry exactly what he wants & when. Terry may be shy, but hes packing a monster in his pants & he puts it to good use too, with Anthony soon giving the long, smooth dick a sloppy suck too, mouth full of beer & precum!! There's some deep rimming action, as Anthony gets his tongue right up inside Terry's eager arsehole, really eating him out & loving every minute. & wait until you see the boys blow their loads, with Terry pumping Anthony harder & faster than anything youve ever seen until Anthony cries out & cums hard!!